Offbeat Tracks

Two high school friends who initially bonded over their love of weird '80s music have come together to do a show about said weird music.

Sharon Brown is an interesting story. A talented session musician turned dance music diva, and our first subject who has also been on The People's Court!

Would a band named after a Nietche principle ever truly live up to its philosophical name? Surprisingly, yes -- but Florida Man and his army of singers made some great dance music and pop ballads along their journey.

You probably know Lulu from a hit movie and theme song from the 1960s, but today we're looking at her personal declaration of independence in the form of a '90s eurohouse album.

Today we're looking at the Cincinnati group that launched the career of two legendary producers.

In 1987, Liza Minnelli wanted to make a pop album, so her record label set her up with the Pet Shop Boys. This was the result.