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About Us

This podcast is a production of two high school friends, Max and Danielle, who became friends 15 years ago via their love for old synthpop. We figured it was time for us to bring our love of old lost dance music and culture to the world. Although we love a lot of the mainstream pop of the 80s and 90s, this podcast and site are centered around the stuff that is not on your everyday huge 80s hit compilation. Our episodes center on music like Vanity, and not the music of Prince. We concentrate on the Madonna debut self-titled album and not "Like A Prayer." And most importantly, everything we feature is GREAT music that needs to be remembered, celebrated, and part of your party playlists.

So keep coming back and listening to our podcast, reading our blogs, and checking out our special playlists. We will always provide you with the best synthillating content to always keep you dancing!