Offbeat Tracks Podcast Episode 1 Preview: Vanity

Episode 1 is all about Vanity! Sassy lass and Prince protégé, she left his camp abruptly after he wrote the female starring role in "Purple Rain" for her. She became a solo artist, B-movie actress, and eventually Evangelist. She died back in the February (just two months before Prince) after years of declining health. She has inspired people to keep talking about her and loving her very short career well after she disappeared from the entertainment spotlight over 20 years ago. Why do we love her? Why don't we even want to forget her? Check out this playlist to see some of the stuff she did during her Prince days and some after, then listen to our first episode of the Offbeat Tracks Podcast!

Author: dchillysauce

enter image description hereVery into ABBA, Falco, and colors.

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