Offbeat Tracks

Two high school friends who initially bonded over their love of weird '80s music have come together to do a show about said weird music.

The one and only pop album released by Carrie Fisher's half-sister in 1990, and boy does it just SCREAM 1990!

It's no secret by now that Alanis had a couple of pop albums before she was the Alanis that the world knows. We decided it was time they get the respect they deserve.

In our 2019 retrospective, we recount our favorite offbeat discoveries of the year!

Before there was Big Time Rush, and significantly after there were The Monkees, there were the Guys Next Door. And boy were they cheesy.

Now known as a versatile at-least-quadruple threat, the great Vanessa Williams kicked off her music career with an album chock full of delicious dancepop and beautiful ballads.